Travel Information

Travel information for reaching the conference will be added soon. Please note that attendees should aim to arrive at the conference venue at 12 pm on the 21st August.

Visa advice for delegates from outside the United Kingdom

Students from the European Union will not need to apply for visas. If you are from outside the EU then you will need a visa to attend. They can apply for a standard visitor visa on this website:

Some nationals do not need to apply for the visa before travelling – the UKVI has a good visa checker ‘do I need a visa’:

Non-EU students would benefit from a letter inviting them to attend the conference, even if they do not need to apply for a visa (they can show this in support of their visit when applying for their visa overseas or gaining their visa on entry into the UK). The INASCON committee is happy to provide such evidence for conference delegates. The individuals then need to be sure that they meet the other requirements – both of the above links take you through to a list of required documents.